Annual Reporting Guidelines

Grant recipients must provide (i) annual reports to the ZOLL Foundation, Inc. (the “Foundation”) on the use of the grant funds as of the end of their annual accounting period within which the grant is received and all subsequent annual accounting periods until the grant funds are expended, in each case within a reasonable period of time after the close of each such accounting period and (ii) a final report to the Foundation within a reasonable period of time after the close of the accounting period within which use of the grant funds is completed.

Each report must include a narrative description and a financial accounting of how the grant funds were spent, and the extent of the progress made in accomplishing the purposes of the grant. Interim reports should include a description of activities remaining and anticipated completion date.

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Grant Eligibility

Grant applicants must meet minimum criteria:

  • Be a newer researcher, ideally recommended by a more established investigator
  • Have a formal association with an institution or agency involved in resuscitation or acute critical care in a medical, scientific, educational, or administrative capacity.
  • Individual applicants must not be under any professional restrictions and must have all required certifications or licenses necessary to practice their occupation.
  • Funds awarded will not cover institutional overhead costs.